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       VT range motors

       A high quality standard range of electric motors with a specifications suitable for most industrial applications. It covers products from as little as 0.75kW up to 315kW in frame sizes 80 to 355L.


Benefits include:

      Full output range to meet your requirements

      Where applicable, efficiencies are within the EFF2 band

      Robust construction for long life

      Mountings: foot, flange, face or combination

      Eurovoltage: up to 3kW 230/240V; 4kW and above 400/690V

      Frequency 50 or 60 Hz

      Single or multispeed options


      Metric entries

      Metal fan cover

Thermistors fitted as standard on 160 frame and above

  All motors are constructed to IP55 enclosure as defined in IEC EN 60034-5.

  Motors are cooled in accordance with IEC 60034-6.The normal arrangement is IC411 (Totally Enclosed Fan Ventilated) via a fan mounted at the non-drive end. Alternative of cooling available on request.




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